Been Looking for a Sign

As a parent I always worry if I am doing it right. Am I there for my children enough emotionally, mentally and physically? Am I doing enough? Am I instilling in them the things that I think are important? Are my own struggles impacting them in a negative way? and so on. I get caught... Continue Reading →


Medication (Tell me your stories)

Hey guys, todays post is a slight follow on from my previous post...... So I may have mentioned that the topic of medication came up in Levi's appointment with the Paediatrician. Before I go any further I feel like I should just say that..... Everyone's situation is different and we all do what we feel... Continue Reading →

The Appointments

Well I have been quite slack to say the least!!! But I am here now. I want to talk about the paediatrician appointments my boys had back in November (I know, I know I have been slack. Scold away lol). You may want to grab a coffee and a snack because this will be lengthy!!!... Continue Reading →

Melbourne Holiday

It has been a hot minute so please bear with me while I find my groove again..... Right so as I mentioned in my last post, we had school holidays while I took a break from blogging.... now parents I don't know about you but whenever school holidays are around the corner I can feel... Continue Reading →

Missing in action!!!!!

Ok so...... yes I have been MIA for quite sometime now. Funnily enough I have written multiple  drafts for posts and deleted them because I just never finished them.... I started feeling like I had no time and life was interfering too much to sit down and write. *sigh* as life does, it got quite... Continue Reading →

7 Tips for everyday

I thought that it would be a good idea to share with you some of the things that have helped us in our house as they may work in your house to. Some of these tips are not guaranteed to work every time as I have found out but it is important to keep trying,... Continue Reading →

Time for CHANGE

I do a fair bit of research in my own time around ADHD as i think i mentioned before.This definitely doesn't make me an expert i am just passionate about it. I have come to realise through doing this, that a lot of the information i find is usually from places like America or the... Continue Reading →

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